Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Clean eating isn’t just about eliminating toxins and harmful chemicals from our foods and beverages; it’s also about getting back to the basics—true wholesome foods that do our bodies good! This has been something that I have spent the last 9 years learning about and I still continue to learn more. But the cleaner you eat, the better you will feel... I promise!

It can be overwhelming, I know, so here is the best way to start:

  1. Avoid processed foods if possible and read their labels!
    • Most processed foods contain preservatives, additives and artificial flavors and colorings. Even “natural flavors” aren’t always what you would consider natural to eat. 
    • When reading labels, avoid any products that contain ingredients that just don’t seem like they need to be there, you can’t pronounce (and yes, I sometimes Google ingredients) or if it seems to be a really long list when it shouldn't be
    • Compare different brands and find the best option.
  2. Make as much of your own food as you can to avoid the above.
  3. Buy organic produce when appropriate - The Environmental Working Group releases 2 lists every year that I reference for purchasing produce:
    • Dirty Dozen - these are the worst produce for pesticides/toxins and you should always buy these organic
    • Clean Fifteen - these have the least amount of pesticides and you can buy these regular
  4. Buy protein sources that are:
    • grass-fed beef
    • pasture raised chickens and eggs
    • pasture raised pork
    • wild caught seafood
    • If none of these are available then get organic but please don't buy regular if you can avoid it... especially chickens (they are the worst for GMO's)!!!
  5. Avoid GMO’s (genetically modified organism) and look for “Non-GMO Project Verified” if it’s an option. Oh... if something is Certified Organic it should also be free of GMO’s. On the flip side, just because it's Organic or Non-GMO verified, it doesn't always mean you should eat it (more not that later).
    • A genetically modified organism (GMO) is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques…
      Genetically modified foods are foods produced from organisms that have changes introduced into their DNA using methods of genetic engineering.
  6. Drink filtered water.


Please remember... you are what you eat! And that goes for animals as well... say the chicken eats feed with pesticides, toxins or GMO's... now it is in their body and when you eat that meat, you are also absorbing those toxins. 

I know this can be overwhelming so maybe just start with 1 of these suggestions and then once you are comfortable with that, incorporate another one. Slow and steady wins the race!

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