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It all started when...

I decide to take control of my health and found a doctor who took 2 hours to really listen to my medical history. He was the first person who put it all together (from sinus infections, thyroid, upset stomachs, and more).. He suggested that my litany of health issues were likely all related to an unhealthy gut. What???

I won't say I was in denial but I didn't think that was it or at least not all of it; however, as the test came in (and there were a lot of tests), they all confirmed his suspicions and everything linked back to my gut. I was shocked but it all made sense. I was also shocked to discover what bad shape my body was really in and the health issues I was on the verge of! My eyes were opened... and so my journey to clean living began!

I have spent the last several years on a journey to healthier and cleaner living. That meant changing my diet, because what you consume clearly affects you, and changing the products I use, because what you come in contact with thru touch or air also affects you. I was surprised to learn of so many things I thought were healthy or natural but are actually toxic to us. About 4 months into these changes I didn't "feel better than I had in a long time"... I felt better than I had in my entire life, I felt like a new person!!! 

I'm not perfect 100% of the time but I so the best I can. When I am doing that, I feel so much better... I'm not sick all the time, I can breath, I have energy, I sleep better and need less sleep, but most importantly, I am happy and enjoy life! 


I am a wife, mom of three very energetic and loving boys, and miraculously a lover of food again. I know my body and I understand the importance of living clean. I continue to educate myself on how to live healthier so that I can enjoy my life and my family to the fullest! 

Food is powerful... and we have the power to heal ourselves with it!

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