Clean Living Philosophy

Optimal Health in the Real World



Clean Life. Real World. was born from finding my own path to wellness after nearly a decade of chronic health issues. For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from inflammation, which manifested not only in frequent ear and sinus infections but also nearly destroyed my gut, causing my whole body to go haywire. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of a holistic path back then, so I was shuttled between various specialists who only focused on their "specialty" and never considered all of my symptoms.

For years I managed my symptoms. This approach began to feel like it was doing much more harm than good and constant rounds of antibiotics and invasive procedures left me tired and depressed.

By 2015 and countless medical diagnoses that all missed the mark, I started to wonder if I would ever feel better again. This was the real turning point in my life. I could either continue to drag myself through life, seeing more doctors that didn't seem to help me or I could listen to my body and take control—after all, I am the one living it!

Learning how to listen to my body was a lot harder than I would have thought and very overwhelming at first! I went through tons (and I mean tons) of new tests and elimination diets in hopes to find the root of my lifelong health issues. My path to wellness is a marathon and not a sprint. With three young boys, I live life at the same, often-frantic pace that most do these days. Do I slip up? Of course! But I do the best I can. And, after living clean for a period of time, my body craves it over the poor or lazy choices I occasionally make. Accepting those slip-ups, without harsh criticism, has been a crucial piece in building up my ability to maintain a clean lifestyle permanently.

My hope for Clean Life. Real World. is that others can benefit from the knowledge I have gained through my personal trial & error experiences. I want to demonstrate that clean living can be achieved and is possible in the real world!